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This system aims to archive students’ and parents’ information in Islamic schools in USA.

Adding and issuing student scores within school subjects,  Adding notes about students by teachers and school principle ,  Managing students’ absences,  Honoring outstanding students through honoring program...








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Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together..

Saturday school comes with basic features that are available by default, and the school has the luxury to:

  • Customize these features based on their special needs
  • Add new features to existing service modules or to new service modules
  • Integrate this system with other systems that the school already has (e.g. ERP systems)

GWA will provide a demo on how the Saturday school system works based on its basic features to ensure that the school is aware of the scope of this system and its features

GWA will then start analyzing activities and tasks in the school with the help of focal points from the school, and translate them to the solution design document that is reviewed and approved by all stakeholders in the school.

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Some of our pricing plans

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one time

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Segment One


  • f3
  • 100-200 students
  • f4
  • server


one time

  • f3
  • f4