We are a unique Web Design & Development Company

With a sound history of many years in the information technology industry, Gwa group is firmly established as a leader in developing the educational schemes. Gwa group is one of a limited number of companies in this industry with a long track record of experience and effectiveness in addressing the diverse needs of a large and continually growing client base, spanning the corporate, academic and government markets. The company is renowned for understanding, and catering for, the needs of information users across a broad spectrum of markets, and strives to bring a total solution to its clients’ online information needs by using specific elements from its portfolio of products and drawing on both its technical and people skills

Gwa group is a software development company with clear focus on high quality, timely delivered, and cost-effective services. It also works on tying IT technology to all business needs. Our comprehensive experience ensures the development of solutions that give your business an edge using the most advanced IT technology.

Gwa group strive to offer superior solutions through IT technology, innovation, leadership, and partnerships. We are focused on providing services that leverage the evolving and innovative business) delivery model and latest technology advancements to allow our customers to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and increase profits. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of information automation while minimizing its total cost of ownership. We are a Software Development company. Our forte lies in developing custom, scalable & secure applications leveraging and providing value advantages.

Gwa group are a dependable organization that supports its customer with maximum efforts and making development easy and reliable. We bring exceptional value to our clients through lowered cost of software development services, outstanding quality, reliability and twenty-four seven customer service.

Gwa group excels to give a one-stop source for all of the IT needs: strategy, architecture, development, implementation, maintenance, training, and support. We bring together the best management and technical professionals with the most excellent skill sets, expertise, qualification, and experience. We work as a team, approximating a virtual extension to the client’s development/maintenance support organization or product groups, thereby helping to bring cost economics to an optimal level and stabilize resource utilization.


To solve, build, and provide our clients with quality at the highest level using the most advanced and enhanced IT technology.

Customized service – Our profound approach to technology consulting allows us to respond to your special requirements promptly.

  • Connections to highly skilled IT talent – With our exceptional connections to IT talent, well do more than provide cost-effective solutions to your needs — well do it exactly when you need it.
  • Technical expertise – Our Account Executives typically possess IT backgrounds, making them uniquely skilled to find the right professionals for our clients' requirements

Mission :

  •  Provide our clients with quality at the highest level using the most advanced and enhanced IT technology.
  • Determine the need for our clients and assist them to achieve their goal using our expertise to provide them with all our IT business solutions