This system is an educational online and mobile app that provides students with many online educational tools and is divided into a number of sub services.
The service’s main goal is to show students how well they are performing and help them to do better.
It allows them to follow their performances throughout the academic year, breaking it down by every month.
It shows the student the list of the courses broken down by chapters that he/she will study during the month and the estimation of the hours required by the student to study each chapter. 
When the student finishes studying each chapter he/she will access the page of the service and set the chapter status to be studied and he/she will determine their study, the level of the chapter,
the student can set the student level to be: very good, good, moderate, or weak, beside that the student sets the time it took him to study the chapter.
Under each chapter we will provide study material, practice quizzes, educational videos and any other resources that could help at the subject.
For example, the student could open up his/her math section, choose for example a chapter on circles and provided within the chapter will be brief studying material on circles, maybe a video explaining the material, and a practice quiz that he/she could take at the end to test their abilities. 
At any time the student can get a report of his/her study performance and can know how many study hours he/she has or should spend in order to maintain a good pace in his/her study.
They can know the study progress and also the time left to the end of the year, this will help them manage their time.