Saturday School

This system aims to archive students’ and parents’ information in Islamic schools in USA,

and part of system features are:

Adding and issuing student scores within school subjects
Adding notes about students by teachers and school principle
Managing students’ absences
Honoring outstanding students through honoring program
Periodic reports about students and their payments
Special accounts for parents to follow-up their children performance and payments (per child)

 Is a web integrated system to manage the school, and support all school administration operations. It provides communication between the school administration, parents, teachers, and students. Stratus helps the school and parents to closely monitor students’ performance and scores throughout the year and it helps in organizing and automating the timetable, in addition to issuing score cards

Stratus system is intended to: 
• Provide accounts to Admins, Teachers, Parents, Students
• Store students’,  parents’, and students’ profiles
• Manage the following areas:
o Students’ attendance
o Classes and classrooms
o Subjects
o Exams
o Financing
o School staff
o Calendar
• Library administration
• School buses administration
• Provide communication through messages and emails
• Generate customized reports
• Generate report cards
• Provide educational evaluation
• Manage user roles (e.g. Teachers, parents …etc.)