Education ?!  That’s Our Specialty!

While at GWA Solutions we create software and tech solutions for businesses of all categories, our main focus has always been the educational market as it is the core and centerpiece for the growth of our youth and the future of our countries. Our products have positively impacted students, teachers, and administrators of different groups and categories and it has always been our goal to improve education and elevate society. We have successfully brought positive change to our products for years.

 Stratus, the School System That Does it ALL!  

Stratus System is an interactive program, both in Arabic or English that allows students to access specific online services from the comfort of their home. Stratus is a School Management System designed to improve the educational experience by providing students, teachers, administrators, and parents with day to day support specific to their needs using interactive programs. The system’s most important feature is its compatibility with the Arabic language, allowing schools to produce and maintain their own curriculum. The system makes Arabic or English curriculums available for students and teachers online and accessible from anywhere. This includes PDF files, PowerPoint lecture slides, YouTube videos, google docs etc. The Curriculum is organized by chapter or section and is presented in an interactive and easy way Another feature in the Stratus System’ is its ability to create exams, allowing schools to build a test data bank-specific for each subject and grade level.

Stratus System provides students with various reports and statistics to allow them to visualize their strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects and their study habits in general. Makes studying at home a simplified systematic process that is very accessible at any time or place. It also improves student skills by successfully targeting their strengths and weaknesses and providing them with systematic solutions to all their problems.

Why A School Management System is the Solution for you ?!

Intimate interactions between the student and teachers is a very important tool for success in the student-teacher relationship. Provides the teacher with tools to easily connect with students inside and outside the classroom. By using Stratus System, a school could produce rapid growth in their organization which will influence their students, staff, and administration.


No need to install hardware, software or manage backups… All are managed on our end.

Simply connect via the Internet to your school site on MY School System server.  Log-in, and you’re up and running…


Stratus empowers schools to perform at their best with integrated management, teaching and learning tools.



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